Universes Unlike Ours

by Goodnight Girl

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It's easy to believe that you're the only one in the world who struggles to belong. I can guarantee you, somewhere out there is another galaxy, with someone else trapped in a world of their own. There's really only a few differences between all of us, no matter what universe you come from.


released January 1, 2016

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A huge thanks to 44K and Deeps Repus for providing input through this album's long developmental phase. Thank you Marian Parry for the illustration in this cover. I must also thank SoGreatandPowerful and Dreaming Moths for being a huge inspiration for this album.

⋆★⋆★⋆★⋆ ⋆★⋆★⋆★⋆★⋆★⋆★⋆ ⋆★⋆★⋆★⋆⋆★⋆★⋆★⋆

Special thanks to Ray, Ashley, Peter, Sabrina, Reaper, Luke, Avriana, Lillian, Sameera, Emily M, my family, and Ben.

I couldn't have done any of this without your guys' support. I really don't think I can thank any of you enough. This album marks the first of many more to come.

⋆★⋆★⋆★⋆ ⋆★⋆★⋆★⋆★⋆★⋆★⋆ ⋆★⋆★⋆★⋆⋆★⋆★⋆★⋆



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goodnight girl Calgary, Alberta

I make experimental chill & occasionally breakcore

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Track Name: Copilot
You can say that it started from a dream. You left it at that, or so it seems. You can say that it wasn't my choice. Make him proud, or forever lose my voice. Caught between his shadow and his trophy wall, and yet he wouldn't let me down, wouldn't let me fall. I remind them of him, I just wish it were true. Instead of being myself, I'd just be you.

Make my way in class, think I'm doing fine, no I'm not breaking down, no it's all sublime. No, I don't need a break, no, I don't need to breathe. I need to make a difference, that's all I need.
But maybe I need help, I've got so much to do. No, I'd rather be my own, not a copy of you. That's not who he was, not the meaning of his face. Nobody was there before he took his place.

Alpha, alpha. Do you read me? No control of myself, I don't know where I should be. Mayday, mayday. The risk is my life. Is that so fair, just to do what is right?
How can you say that I'm just not good enough? My whole spirit gone. now replaced with your own stuff. All I want to do is to show them I'm strong. It's only my fear telling me to prove you wrong.

Someone in my class, starts to worry about me. Something here is wrong, at least it definitely should be. You don't know what you're doing, only someone so mindless would ever try to sort me out...

Now I understand, now I think I see. Now I want to take your hand, in fact, desperately. I'll take a little help, become my red letter, but I fear to get attached, from him you're no better, but maybe you're just different, now I think that's right. Hey now, who I love to see is why I'm willing to fight. You've turned me around, now I'll take your hand. Before taking your breath, I hope you'll understand.

Hush, now I'm fine, maybe you need a break, and I think it's only fitting that we look at what's at stake. We get found out at all, we'll be dropped out for sure, but I'm glad that these days have shown me what else is more.

Alpha, alpha. Do you read me? No certainty of life, don't know where I should be. Mayday, mayday, the risk is my heartbeat. Do I have to stay here just to stay on my feet? And yet you pick me, but not any other, am I ready for you, as a pilot or lover? My duty is tough, but wherever it bends me, I'll do what I can, as my heart commends me.
Track Name: Come on Home
Come on back to mama, my lovely little child. I-I fear to lose you, please stay for a while. If I ever catch you, too far away to hear me, I'm worried you won't come back.

Come on back to mama, my one and only son. I already miss you, my dearest of fawns. If you ever fear them, or run away and can't hide, please know that you can come back.

Come on back to mama, the daughter I do need. You're my last connection, my place you'll accede. If you think that this place, won't stay away, it hurts you, please know that you can come back.
Track Name: Al0ne
never meant to be but found its own way